Yes. That’s me…slacker.

I thought things would slow down a bit after my trip to Austin. I was wrong. I’ve been slacking with the blog because the rest of my life has taken over. But I’m back!

Looking back at an old Twitter post, I know I said that I couldn’t wait to tell ya’ll about the fun ways I exercised while I was away. Let me just say –it was great! I understand why Austinites all look so healthy.

Town Lake. A picturesque riverbank developed into a nature/running trail serves as a place where thousands of people walk, run, bike and take their dogs every day. As I did my own walk/run on the trail, I pictured Cincinnati with the same set up. It’s my personal wish for my beloved Cincinnati.

Also on Town Lake (which is actually the Colorado River), I went to the Rowing Dock to test out my skills at Stand Up Paddle-boarding. My advice for everyone is to try it out. Today. It’s easier than it looks, and it’s so much fun! Plus, it’s a great blend of exercise and fun. Things can get a bit tough when you’re heading upstream in the wind, so you can target your core, arms and back all at once.

So get up off the couch. Quit being a slacker. And get out and play.