My first official day of Paleo

It’s my first official day of starting out the first phase of the Paleo diet. I know it’s only noon, but so far – it’s been great! I decided to phase into the program as suggested in doctor Cordain’s book, which allows a few ‘cheat’ meals throughout the first few weeks to allow your body to adjust more smoothly to the diet transition. I’ve heard some people say that it’s best to just make the switch cold-turkey (pun intended), but I’m a realist. And I know that the realistic expectation of me sticking to the plan is greater if go with the phased approach.

Some advice that was given to me, and that I will pass along:

As with any healthy eating plan, it’s best to think ahead. After all, it’s called a ‘plan’ for a reason. I’m trying to plan my meals ahead of time whenever possible. Some people will spend all of Sunday cooking and packaging meals. For me, “ahead of time” typically means 12-24 hours in advance, which I’m hoping will work too.

So in case you are just dying to know what I’ve planned for the day:


2 eggs (organic) overeasy, 1/2 avocado, 1/4 yellow onion and 2 baby sweet peppers — I fried this all in a skillet, but didn’t use any oil or butter. Instead, I just used a non-stick pan. It worked out quite well, and it was sooo delicious.


I’ll call this concoction my very own spinach power salad. It includes: 1-2 cups fresh spinach leaves, 1 serving of walnuts, 1 small apple (diced), 1/2 avocado, 1 1/2 servings lean turkey breast, 2 baby sweet peppers (i love them). The dressing (not paleo, but still healthy in comparison to regular ranch style) is a pomegranate blueberry vinaigrette.


Leftover sirloin steak (grass-fed) that was simply seasoned with a bit of pepper and cooked in a grill pan. I used a small amount of EVOO to grease the pan and give the steak those nice ‘grill’ marks.

This is getting to be a lengthy post, so for those of you who want to hear about my fun fitness activities from this weekend, join me here.

For those of you Paleo enthusiasts reading this post: what were your first few weeks on the diet like? What scrumptious recipes did you try?