saturday morning walking club.


Sometimes a girl needs exercise motivation in the form of a friend and good conversation to accompany her. So…bring on the Saturday morning walking club.

Soon, I’ll be heading out the door to meet my aunt and cousin for a nice long walk. Is it crazy strenuous? No. Will I be able to run a marathon or complete a triathlon in a few months? Not if my only exercise is walking. But I will reap the benefits of switching up my workouts and spending quality time with the fam. Check. Mate.

I’m also hoping it gives me the guts to ask my friends Natalie and Annie to start going for a run each week.

The point of this post? If you have been following my blog, you might think my road to success has been quite slow with a few set backs. (You’re kind of right, it has.) But the moral of the story is: Everyone’s path is different. And you don’t have to follow the one with a steep incline toward success. Every step you take toward better health is a step in the right direction. And if you remember the popular fable…the turtle won the race.

P.S. Gregory and I went to the Cincy Italia festival last weekend. Talk about playing like a kid again…he forced me to ride this horrible enclosed ferris wheel thing and made us flip upside down a million times. In his words, “If you can’t ride the rides anymore, that means you’re old.”



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